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Recently, has changed the contents of the questionnaire, it does not bear to thank the customers who have helped us.


‘Ve Come Up I With What Will Become The Questionnaire For The First Time Decent, It Is Difficult. It Seems Difficult In Marketing Professional. Because You Get The Maximum Effect As Much As Possible Small Question ….


I Do Not Hardly Think This Questionnaire Is That It Is Complete System. I Think That “Provisional” Until Only Be Ready Is The Best Thing. Also Aggregate In Bad Questionnaire It Will Be Complicated. And The Study Of Creating Further Questionnaire Future, We Will desperately work hard to be able to feedback to everyone creating an effective questionnaire on customer satisfaction up.


Once The New Questionnaire Is Completed, That Time We Pray So That You Answer All Means To A Lot Of People. Than To Shop Around A Lot Of Shops, By Careful Selection Of The Best Of The Store, I Think It More Convenient To Thing That ‘ll play with confidence, also or can rock out divergence stress precisely because the other party that allowed the mind.


Anyway Desperately Want Been Chosen Name To One Of The Best Shops. Looking Might Be Bad, But Desperately I Think That’S Important. To Ask Everyone Is In Shinobun A Shame, It Is That I Would Like You To Tell Me The Missing Parts And The Bad Of Our Shop Parts. To That End, Please Help Us, But You Might See Some Troublesome If.


Even So Marketing Is Profound. It Is Drowning In Too Deep. It Can Not Be An Absolute You Were Other For Work. There Is Because Hold On Because It Is Honest Mole. Our Customers Have Been Thought Than Daily And There Are Many People With Intelligence , But If You Have Person There Familiar With Someone Marketing And Statistics, Do Not Tell Me One Of The Questions Of Significance To Improve Our Services For Our Or? It Is Brazen Ask, But Mercy Is Because It Is Not For The People, If You please.