English Guide

We warmly welcome Foreign Customers!

Our club is Paradise for ” Prostate massage & Fetish play Lovers”

Thank you for visiting our web site “Lovely-Anal.com“.

We are Japanese Fetish Femdom club that provide “Prostate massage” and “Sexual feeling body massage“.

You can not CARESS even TOUCH therapist’s body. Please just be obedient to the therapist. They will dominate and control you to take you to Paradise where you are healed sexually feeling like royalty.

There is no beeyatch or shameless hussy here. Only neat and clean, elegant girl or lady will come to your hotel room.

You can experience Fantastic & Maniac sexual service that you’ve been dreaming. You can cum while being fucked on your anal. Or do you want to experience “Dry orgasm” or “Male squirting“?

YES YOU CAN ! ! ! Please don’t suppress your manly moan of pleasure !

Contents of session

Basic contents “60min”

Play contents

  • Prostate massage
  • Powder sexual massage
  • Aneros or Enemagra
  • Dry orgasm
  • Male squirting
  • Blindfold & Handcuffs
  • Face sitting
  • Humiliation
  • Spitting
  • Foot job
  • Nipples licking
  • Stopping cumming
  • Hand job after cumming

Above “80min”

  • Dildo & Harness
  • Penis head massage with Pantyhose
  • Free Multiple ejaculation



Only 3some play course is available for Non Japanese speaking customers

Japanese speaking Customers

60min / ¥13,000
80min / ¥17,000
100min / ¥21,000
120min / ¥25,000

Non Japanese speaking customers
[3some play]

60min / ¥22000
80min / ¥28000
100min / ¥34000
120min / ¥40000

Additional charge

Admission fee / ¥2000
Nomination fee / ¥2000
Extension fee 30min / ¥8000
Hotel charge / ¥3000 – ¥4000

  • If Rookie training 3some play is available, we will offer ¥5000OFF from regular 3some price.
  • If you promise to give us your review after the session, you will get Admission fee free benefit.


option price

Free Option
Enema clyster
Shaving under hair
Round 2
Wrap Restraining
Adult toys
Electric massager
Panty Hose / ¥1,000(Above 80min / free)
Dildo & Harness / ¥1,000(Above 80min / free)
Rope Restraining / ¥1,000
Bontage tape Restraining / ¥1,000
Golden Shower / ¥2,000
Face sitting with Panty hose / ¥2,000
Naked / ¥3,000

If you have any questions or need any recommendations, please do not hesitate to ask.


Prostate massager can't speak English

Japanese Speaking Customers


☎︎ 080-9777-0505


☎︎ 070-1315-0033

E-Mail / Japanese


Non Japanese Speaking Customers

Please contact us via Wechat, Whatsapp, Line, Email







E-Mail / English



We only accept reservation from foreign customers through SNS or info@lovely-anal.com


  • Name
  • Mobile Number / International # is accepted
  • Email address or SNS ID
  • Desired date and time
  • Desired length of time / 60, 80, 100, 120min
  • Add-ons / If you want any

Service Area

We deliver girls only in Nishinippori area. Contact us when you come to given place in Nishinippori

Important Notes

Prohibited matter

We strictly prohibit the following acts. If you do these action, therapist will stop the session and leave your room immediately.

Sex / Sexual intercourse, Caress / Body touch, Drug use, Sneak photography, Sound recording, Force or compel

If it’s malicious action, we will call the police immediately.

Uninvited guests

We refuse your use if you’re corresponded to the following

Drug user, Drank, Venereal disease, Dirty men who never wash, Illegal entrant, Non obedient